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Kabiguru College of Pharmacy

Leading Pharmacy College in Birbhum, West Bengal

The trust NB Foundation solely devoted to the growth and development of Pharmacy Education in West Bengal State. NB Foundation proposes establish a pharmacy college in the name and style of Kabiguru College of Pharmacy with the course Diploma in Pharmacy(D.Pharm). For this Purpose the society has taken a venture to launch this job oriented course.

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Professional Approach

We inculcate professionalism into our students from the very beginning so that they turn become successful in their Pharmacy careers.


Expert Teachers

All our Pharmacy school teachers are well experienced and passionate towards their job.


Modern Lab

Hospital practice is invaluable part of Pharmacy study. Our Pharmacy students get to practice in our own hospitals.


Campus Interview

We arrange for various hospitals/organizations to conduct campus interviews in our college.


Scholarship Programme

We have a scholarship programme for the worthy. Contact us for more details.


Computer Lab

Our college has a computer lab to train the students and keep them updated on latest trends.

Admission Started for the Next Academic Year

Kabiguru College of Pharmacy believes the following statement of philosophy. "Man created in the image of God and highest being in creation is unique, has intrinsic and is worthy of respect. His ultimate happiness is the possession of his creator. He has needs such as physical, psychological, spiritual, and social. The meeting of these needs results in a healthy and integrated person.